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Consumers are shopping online now more than ever, and the demand for an appealing, seamless experience has never been higher. At Kohl’s, our goal is to be the most engaging retailer in America. With that in mind, what better way to reach and engage your ideal shopper than by partnering with Kohl’s through a customized digital advertising solution in a brand-safe environment?


Meet The
Kohl's Shopper

  • 56% of households shop at Kohl’s2

  • She is always "on", fully connected in the digital age, shopping and spending across
    multiple channels.

    • 38% own tablets3
    • 88% own mobile phones and 21% use them to shop3
    • 83% of shoppers used social media in the past 30 days3

  • She is looking to make smart purchasing decisions while placing equal importance on family and wellness.

  • She is young at heart with an impeccable sense for contemporary fashion.

Products &

Through a wide range of innovative products and solutions, you can be sure that your advertising dollar is being positioned across multiple channels for the most advantageous results. With this diversified approach, honing in on the right consumer at just the right time, in just the right place, yields the best opportunity at every step along the path to purchase.


With enhanced on- and off-site targeting across devices, advertisers now have the opportunity to position their brands and products to the relevant Kohl's consumer, with consistent messaging.


With Us

A team effort. Our partnership with Triad Retail Media includes campaign planning and management, creative solutions, in-depth reporting and analysis, insights, and more, all to meet your sales and marketing initiatives. Triad Retail Media is made up of over 500 digital experts around the world and is a pioneer in digital retail media, here to guide you through every step of the process.


Triad Retail Media is the authorized online media seller for Kohl's advertising.

Leverage the power of Kohl's — America's largest department store.4

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For programmatic sales, contact:

Marty Berman
Director of Programmatic Sales
Triad Retail Media


For direct sales, contact:

Brian Gruseke
Director of Sales
Triad Retail Media


For brands sold by Kohl's, contact:

Melissa Baldwin
Sr. Manager of Brand Advertising
Kohl's Corporation